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QuickMove Enterprise Suite

QuickMove is a comprehensive business solution designed for efficiently managing the end-to-end activities of Relocation companies. This software solution has been designed as an integrated enterprise application which will cater to the requirements of senior decision makers to the staff handling front-end operations. It has been built based on international best practices followed by the Relocation industry. The core objective of the solution is to enhance the experience of the end-customer of Relocation companies.

Platform Supports the following features

  • Local / Domestic Move
  • International Move Export/Import (Door to Door)
  • Destination Service /Port to Door (PTD)
  • Origin service /Door to Port (DTP)
  • Industrial / Commercial Move/Office Move
  • Fine Arts
  • Warehouse & Storage
  • Move Management  Services
  • Pet Move
  • Vehicle Move
  • Relocations Services (House Search, School Search, etc.)


QUICKMOVE  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consist of  practices, strategies which helps relocation companies to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Customer data analytics can reap significant financial rewards for your organization’s sales, marketing and customer service departments. It also helps you to understand customer trends, supports sales team generating leads and closing deal faster.

QUICKMOVE  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) automates and integrates various functions of Relocation business such as Job execution, Shipping, Storage, Move Management, Procurement,  Move Management & Relocation Services  into one complete platform for streamline processes and information across the entire organization . System can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any Relocation Company.


Comprehensive mobile application for systematically managing all kind of onsite surveys during relocation. This survey app supports domestic move, International move, corporate move, Storage, Pet Move and vehicle move. Survey app having many sophisticated features which ensures the quality of survey and supports the moving company to manage the moves in the best possible way without any complication and communication GAP.  This platform will work in both standalone or connected mode with QuickMove Enterprise suite


A simple sales platform for small companies to manage the retail customer on the spot by completing survey, costing and quotation. The same platform can use by large Moving & Storage companies to manage their retail/private customer on the spot by completing the survey and submitting the quotation because they are highly volatile.  This platform will work in both standalone or connected mode with QuickMove Enterprise suite


Extremely sophisticated mobile platform for  managing the complete operation, ware house management & transit storage in the best possible and secured way. The System automatically generate labels with QR or BAR code and read the same in different places as a part of completing the job and delivering to customer. This platform totally transform the way job execution is handling today in the relocation industry. This platform will work in both standalone or connected mode with QuickMove Enterprise suite

For Corporate Customer
They are able to login to the portal platform and able to manage their entire mobility requirements with the moving company

For Agents
They are able to login to the portal platform and able to manage their entire mobility requirements with the partner moving company

Retail/ Private Customer
Retail/ Private customer can browse to moving company website and interact for all their need during relocation. The following are the major online supporting features for retail customers

  • Enquiry
  • Insurance value form
  • Claim
  • Complaints
  • Online payments
  • Track shipment
  • Feedback

Account Module

QuickMove is powered with a fully integrated inbuilt accounting system. This  feature helps Relocations companies  to enhance efficiency, increase visibility and providing instant  financial data any time.

  • Few features supports by the accounting module
  • Invoicing
  • Credit/Debit Notes
  • Receipt /Payment function
  • Multiple currency Support
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial reporting

QuickMove third party  interface supports integrating with any stand  financial system based on customer requirements.


QuickMove Job execution mobile apps and Enterprise suite supports automatic generation of  Labels consist of QR or BAR code based on customer choice.  System having a unique way of completing the labeling which reduces the cost and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the process. It also helps to identify the packet  any where any time based on business requirements.

Container / Vehicle Tracking

QuickMove have options to integrate vehicle or container tracking device along with Shipment. It enables the system to track the shipment .

Procurement  Module

The Procurement module supports the acquisition of goods and services required by the Relocation Company. Purchase orders can be sent to suppliers using EDI, e-mail   & hard copies.

The following are the major features

  • Purchase Order
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor/ Supplier registration & Life cycle management